Picking the Pool Table Size for You

So you’re planning on buying a brand new pool table. Before you jump into it, you should probably keep a couple of things in mind when it comes to the size of your pool table.

First of all, you’ll want to know the measurements of the room you’re going to place it in. You don’t want to get a pool table that’s too big for your space, now would you? There’s got to be enough space for not just the table, but for all the potential players to be able to comfortably move around it and position themselves without banging into anything or scraping the walls when they set themselves up to shoot.

The average pool table is 7 feet long. This seven foot table needs a room of at least 16 feet by 13 feet to comfortably fit. Of course, the more space the table gets around it, the better.

Check the length of your cue sticks as well, so they don’t end up scraping your walls. If you’re getting a pool table for children, it’s only natural that the cue sticks are going to be a little shorter. But if you’re getting a pool table for adults, particularly for multiple adults to be able to play, you’re going to want a whole lot more space.

There’s also the question of which style of pool you prefer. You could go for an American style table or an English style table. In tournaments, the official size for English tables is 7 feet and for American tables it’s 9 feet. Of course both table styles are available in smaller sizes, 6 feet for the English one and 7 feet for the American one. If what you’re looking for is versatility and a more durable table, you’ll probably want to go with the English one. If you want something flashy and cool-looking to impress your friends, the American one is the one for you.

Wherever you’re going to be playing, look out for obstructions. You don’t want to knock things over or have cabinets, vases or other things getting in the way of a good shot.

These are a few things to take into consideration when buying a new pool table.

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