Balloons: Types and Uses

Most people associate balloons with festivities, parties, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, weddings, shop opening ceremonies, and so much more. But generally balloons add a cheerful and festive feeling to whichever place they adorn. Kids love them, and even adults usually consciously—or maybe even subconsciously—appreciate the happy vibe they give a place.

Balloons can come in a few different shapes and forms, and can be used differently for decorating depending on the type and necessity.

Latex balloons can often come in longer, almost sausage-shaped form. These are ideal for making shapes, things and animals out of. Some common figures that can be made out of single long latex balloons are dogs, swords, squirrels, hearts, and much more. When you combine more of these long balloons together you can create anything that comes to mind if you have the skill!

Next comes foil balloons, or Mylar balloons. These are not as cheap as latex balloons, and for a good reason. These balloons look and feel like better quality, with their shiny, almost metallic looking exteriors. They’ve got a larger surface on which to print things, making them more useful for advertising. Mylar balloons don’t attach to the end of sticks so well like latex ones do and, since they usually contain helium, are usually held at the end of a string and left to float in the air like a kite.

And last, but not least, there are cloudbuster balloons. These can also be called chloroprene balloons. Cloudbuster balloons are made out of premium quality latex that holds up longer without shriveling due to their ability to resist the ultraviolet rays of the sun. These balloons often stay intact up to 3 weeks!

These are the main types of balloons that you can find on the market. I’m sure there are more types, but these are the most basic, widespread types.

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