How to Make Your Pool Table Last

Pool tables are no small investment and often cost a whole lot of money. A cheap pool table never did anyone any good, but the expensive ones require a good amount of care so that they can last long and you can get as many good quality games out of it as possible. In this article we’ll go through a couple of ways to make sure that you don’t ruin your pool table.

You’ll want to avoid smoking over the pool table. Letting cigarette ashes fall on your pool table top will mean that you’ll need to replace the felt sooner than you’d want. Also if any embers fall on the table top or the borders it can burn and leave an ugly hole, which can not only ruin the look of your pool table, but also damage the felt and make games uneven.

Try and keep drinks away from the pool table. Drinks are easy to spill, and most liquids will end up ruining your pool table, making it sticky and ugly.

And most importantly, by no means are you to mistake your pool table for an ordinary counter! The only things that belong on your pool table are the pool balls, nothing else. Other items could stain, scratch and damage you pool table. If you place something heavy on the top of the pool table it can bend it and cause the surface to be uneven, making for incredibly irritating pool games.

When cleaning your table, make sure to use a soft cloth and non-corrosive wood polish or a just a little water. The leather pockets should also be cleaned with a soft cloth that’s been dampened with a cleaning solution for leather. Get a table brush so that you can brush the table down once done with a game. You can even vacuum the felt from time to time do get rid of chalk residue and dust that tends to collect underneath.

Try and keep the pool table covered with a proper pool table cover whenever you’re not using it to protect it from getting scratched or stained. Don’t try and move the table around unnecessarily, as the positioning of the table is important and movement can throw off its balance.

With these tips you should be all set to maintain a good pool table that will last you for ages.

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